Track Portfolio Growth with Percentage

New to the community - but I really enjoy freetrade. Not sure if this has been suggested and if it has please point me to it and I will vote. Wouldnt it be great to see a percentage for how all your stocks are doing ? I’d like to know if ive gone +20% today or -5% today etc

Rough mockup (Don’t butcher me UI/UX guys :sweat_smile:) but this potentially what I am talking about.

Hey @rmia, welcome to this comunity! :wave:

If I rightly understand what you are suggesting, it is already available. Try selecting any stock and then click, for example, “1D” or “7D” underneath the graph. It will then show you what the change in that respective period has been :slight_smile:

Glad to be here :money_mouth_face: @Vlad !

Yes I have seen that feature - but im talking about the Portfolio Page - where you can see all your stocks as well as how much they are all worth. It would be great to have a percentage next to that to show how you are performing as a whole.


Oh, I see! Yeah, that is a great one to have and I feel like Freetrade are already working on that as part of their portfolio graph enhancement process :wink:

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I cant wait for them to :ship:


:chart_with_upwards_trend: Currently I calculate my growth percentage like this {((Current Value of Portfolio/Total_Cash_invested) * 100) - 100} …so far i’m on 5.45% profit.

@Freetrade_Team1 think this can actually be good for the app?


Having that integrated in the app would be brilliant. I do like how Vangaurd is going it. You get immediately presented with ‘how you are doing’. I am no app developer but I guess this is simply to integrate ? :slight_smile:


Agreed. Even a line saying “your portfolio has made x” would be a great halfway house while doing the dirty with graphs etc.

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Rough mockup (Don’t butcher me UI/UX guys :sweat_smile:) but this potentially what I am talking about.


Would also be nice to see the period over which the growth/loss have been accumulated (e.g. day/week/month/year/all time)

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Agreed, something like this seems quite basic because I have to do some working out to discover if I’m + or -

Definitely a basic start - out of curiosity to a fairly new investor, what else would you consider in your calculations, inflation? because with the method I shared above it will let you know if you’re + or -

I add up the value of my topups and subtract it from the total value of my portfolio. It becomes tedious to track all the times I’ve spent £1 on instant, because technically that’s a ‘cost’ and throws it off, but all I need is that first solid figure, percentage is less relevant to me.

How about factoring that in to the formula - {((Current Value of Portfolio/Total_Cash_invested + instant trade costs + freetrade ISA costs) * 100) - 100} - then when you click on the percentage/growth mark it can toggle to a number value showing gain or loss then we can have something that takes you to a page where you are able to see the growth broken down.

On this page you can see your gross profit (amount gained without deducting freetrade costs) and net profit (what you would get if you withdrew)

thoughts @Louis ?

Would it be possible to include a view that shows portfolio growth net of currency fluctuations? (Basically a view that calculates your net growth/decline at the domestic currency of each stock)

Yeah I’ve asked for this too

Is there somewhere we can vote for it to happen?
I don’t always have a calculator to hand when wanting to find out overall how my portfolio is doing …

At the top of this page. There should be a vote button.

There is so much work needed on graphs, portfolio, dividend dates etc. I know they are working on it so looking forward to the updates but just very slow.