App Idea - % change for over all portfolio

It’s really nice seeing how much you are up or down, but it would be really nice to see this a percentage. I know you can see them separately but when the portfolio breakdown section on the app comes out of beta, it would be cool to see something like this added in.

Definitely agree, please make this happen Freetrade!

Yeah this is something I’ve been asking and wanted to see for a while now,

was about to ask this myself, hopefully easy enough to not sit in a backlog for too long as percentage gains/loss is more helpful to some.

Up by £x (x%) since you began investing

would be good for me


Definitely an up vote on this, at times % increase is more indicative than £.

Yes this is something I’ve been wanting. If we could have a total % since began investing next to the £ amount, but also have a % for 7d, month and year that would be great.

Good point. One for each chart would work, you can go to max to see the all time % change and 1m 7d 1d too. All on the one screen would look bit messy.