[Feature Request] Portfolio Performance 1D, 7D & Max

I had a quick look and didn’t see anything similar.

On the portfolio screen it shows ‘Up by £xx.xx since you began investing’. This is the same regardless of whether you have selected 1D, 7D or Max on the chart. Could this be made to change so it shows you the gain/loss on your porfolio for the selected period rather than always showing max.

Similarly the investments below show +/- against each to represent gain/loss since you purchased the stocks. Could that change based on the 1D, 7D and Max?

What I’m wanting is a quick way to see the performance of my portfolio and investments over the day or week as well as since the beginning of time. Today was a bit of a red day so when I look at the portfolio screen I can see that the amount is down from yesterday but everything is green because all my investments are up since I opened them. I cannot easily see which impacted my total the most during that day. For example I hold M&S which is down 0.44% currently, my portfolio screen shows +8.29%.

Anyway just something I would find useful so I don’t have to use external applications. Not sure if it’s something anyone else would find useful as well. May be a tweaked version of what I’ve suggested.

Yes I’ve often wanted this too. Ideally the amount would change when you select 1D 7D etc. as it does on individual stocks. I’d also like to be able to tap the £ and toggle it from £ to % gain and back again. I’m not sure about 1 month as a default time frame, 1Y feels more suitable in an investment app to steer people away from the fixation with daily price moves.

Also how about some comparisons on the main chart with a basic index like VWRL? I find the insights tab a bit more useful but it does lag by a day which is unfortunate - shame it is not updated at market close at the end of each day. Would be nice to see some of that come to the home screen where more people will see it.

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