Todays Performance on Portfolio tab for each investment

When I log into FT (Mobile App), on the Portfolio page I can see today’s ( ‘1D’ on graph) performance, what I struggle to see at a glance is who my performers (or underperformers) are for the day. I end up click into each individual investment (from my top few) and then change that individuals stock to ‘1D’ to see what I am looking for. Then its back, select next stock, rinse repeat until I get bored.

Currently, each investment on the Portfolio page shows the name, ticker, shares, current value and overall % gain/loss.
I would love to see an additional number on each investment for todays gain/loss %. Or take it even further and allow that number to be adjusted by 1D, 1W, 1M etc.

Just my wish. Cheers!

you can do this on the web app.
Should really bring this over to mobile. Very useful especially when you have a lot of positions

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WOW! You just changed my life.

I have never used FT via the web app…
I live under a rock.
Definitely need this functionality in the app.

It seems very buggy on the web. keep getting a ‘something went wrong at our end, please try again later’ message.

Plus customers only I believe.