[Feature Request 🔧] Overall portfolio performance %

Currently we can already see % performance for individual stocks and click in to each of these to see how much we have gained or lost. It would be nice to see a % next to our overall portfolio value to see how much it has increased based on the cash we have put in.

Or another suggestion is welcome to help clarify my problem below:

After I make lots of different deposits I quickly find it hard to track how much or my portfolio is “my cash” that I have put in and how much of it is “unrealised or realised profit” from stock/ETF prices rising. It would be nice to have a way where we can quickly glance at our portfolio and see “Hey nice, i’m up £138 from what I’ve put in” instead of scrolling all the way through my activity to find how much I’ve deposited myself to subtract from my total portfolio value.

Please also consider any costs incurred(stamp duty, etc). effectively net performance


I’m thinking unrealised at the moment. Just so you can look at your portfolio and see the “current” performance of it. Whether you act on that to sell your stocks to make a realised gain or loss would be their your decision. However like @yogs has mentioned a net profit counter could be good also after you’ve completed transactions