Features Request

As a user for a month, these would be great additions

  1. When I add to watchlist, it would be great if I could see the gain/loss since I added it to my watchlist. I.e. if I added it 2 1/2 months ago, what is the gain/loss since then.

  2. Download a statement. It doesn’t have to be a legal document, but something which shows me in an A4 PDF what I’m holding and the value at that statement issue date.

  3. See the performance of a stock ALSO at 6m, 2y, 5y and “since I invested”.

  4. On the portfolio screen, I have lots of money not invested (e.g. realised gains, money yet to invest) it would be nice if this money was NOT included in the total shown - or at least the ability to toggle it

  5. Making the text larger/smaller would be useful

  6. On ‘Insights’, being able to drill down and see what percentage of each holding makes up my stock portfolio. I currently hold ~10 different investments, for each investment, I hold a variable number of shares ranging from just one share to a couple of dozen. Being able to see %wize what I’m invested in would be useful. Ideally, I would touch the pink stock portion of the breakdown onion ring and have that expand to show me where I’m invested

  7. The ability to sort my investments. E.g. by value or alphabetically or today’s gain/loss etc.

  8. The ability to buy either by inputting the value in £/$ (e.g. £2000) OR by entering how many shares I want to buy (e.g. 50). I’m amazed this isn’t already here tbh.


Some good ideas, and some already in place and voted on but more importantly you have created a vote for a collection of your ideas, all or nothing vote, so hard to vote for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either put them into individual votes or add to other existing votes is the only way you will help to realise any of these ideas :+1:

Edit - Oh and welcome :+1: the search function is really handy to find these votes but most ideas are already out there but obviously DO add any you think of!

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Number 4. Indeed, it would be nice to have portfolio representing actual money invested, rather than including cash as well.