Sorting Investment List

Hello, I’m not sure if this feature has been suggested before, and my apologies if it has.

Currently the order of our investments are sorted by the value of our investment. I would like an option to sort in different orders. Such as sorting by percentage loss or percentage gain to see which of my investments are best performers etc.

Second this. Would be helpful

Agreed - would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Just adding to this, I’d like to be able to sort by daily gain/loss so I can easily find which stocks have made a big move today

Yep - definitely need this. Sorting and filtering by all the usual things brokers let you sort by would be helpful: day gain, total gain since purchase, alphabetical, or even your own manual order.

How about Saved Views?? That would be fabulous - then you could save your 2 or 3 preferred way of viewing your portfolio and swap between them with a couple of clcks.

Thanks for consideration… :slight_smile: slight_smile:

Absolutely need this. Working out why my portfolio has dropped is pain when I have 50+ different stocks in there.
% change and £ change over a variety of time periods. Also purchase date and alphabetical would be really useful

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Just voted for this one :raised_hands:

It’d be helpful to order these alphabetically instead of by value (i.e. given a choice)

I know things are ordered by value and that is useful to see, it’s also nice to check things through in alphabetical order - values fluctuate, names don’t (often) :wink:

i am new here… could you help point me to where i should vote for this badly needed feature?

Found it…On top of thepage…and voted… surprised only 44 people want this over whole of a year??

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