Sorting Investments


The current method of sorting your investments on the Portfolio tab is by the total value of the investment, so for example if my investment in Company A is £100 and my investment in Company B is £50, Company A will be first in the card stack.

I think a good idea would be to have options to change this order. For example, I would like to list this by overall investment gain. Using my same example above:

If I had £100 invested in Company A but it was down 5%, and £50 invested in Company B but it was up 15%, Company B should be at the top of the stack.

The reason for me suggesting this is because listing simply by the total value of the investment potentially hides away failing/successful trades that you may want to sell (especially if, like me, you have more than 6 different stocks in your portfolio). To me it also makes a lot more sense to order this by your investment gain rather than just the total value of the investment.


Looks like this might of been implemented :wink: It now sorts your portfolio by the current value of your postion rather than total invested