More sort options for the securities on the portfolio page

The UI is looking great. Will it be possible to sort the Portfolio screen? Useful to sort Alphabetically, by holding size, by overall gain, by gain on a shorter time frame (5Y, YTD, Y, M etc)?


Great idea! That’s not something we’ve built into the app so far but we will do.

These are exactly the sorts of things that we want to add, it’s just that there’s lots of possibilities so there’s still some work to do to decide what’s most useful :exploding_head:


Everything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I love the app, but I wonder if you got rid of the graph (or make it collapsible) then there will be more real estate to put stuff on, e.g. a little drop down menu with a list of sort options.

looks great, thank you

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Bumping this up, on the Portfolio screen it would be great to be able to sort ‘Investments’ by percentage of profit/loss as well as value (which is currently the default).

Also, it would be useful to have an option to view the Portfolio total and the chart excluding cash. The topup and withdrawals can make the chart unreadable for a period with it’s sharp vertical lines.


Would also be great if on the list of investments you could toggle between % change in day, week, month etc on the home page so you can see the change in the day at a glance.
The chart already has this option to see overall movement but would be useful to see individual changes


Thanks for bringing this up again, it would be really useful. I’d also love to show the figures for 1d, 1m, 1y etc.

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I’d just like to sort alphabetically for a start. Defaulting to sorting by amount invested is no use to man or beast!

I review my stock in Trading View every few days to have a quick check on SP movement: Because I cannot sort FT by name I have to keep hunting through my 25 stocks to find the one I want to see how much I have invested.

Either that, or go through in FT order and then spend the same time searching on TV.

Also, having them in alpha in FT lets me check I my portfolio on TV has not missed any new purchases or sales.



I see that on the main screen all my holdings are sorted by the value I own. It would be good to be able to have a toggle that switches between the value I own and the % change I have had since purchasing the stock.

A tiny effort to search before posting would have shown loads of topics about this already. For example, the one below. I don’t see a need for a new post.

Well, it looks like the same question was raised 2.5 YEARS ago and despite being simple thing it’s still not implemented, what a shame.
I struggled for a while until I noticed the idea behind my holdings jumping chaotically on the screen. And I completely agree that USERS should be able to control how their holdings are displayed because otherwise it’s barely usable if one has more than say, 10.

Could you share with us a better way of raising a feature request?

Would also love ability to search by Market AIM, NYSE ect and market cap

If its legal than a “companies like x” collection would also be great as it could help discover firms in a sector of interest or even the supply chain