[Feature Request 🔧] Show total capital invested as well as current value

The home screen currently shows the current value of all investments combined. It would be helpful to also see the total capital invested (perhaps together with the total gain/loss). This would make it easier for me to know how well I am doing.

I am personally obsessed with this proposal and it is something I have never seen any broker to have. We have actually had that as part of the Portfolio Chart Design idea and this is what I referenced based on what Pensionbee does in regards to comparing your performance against the capital invested.

I would certainly love to see something similar on Freetrade and I think it is nice that you suggested it as a separate idea :slight_smile:


If the actual investment line was called ‘lovely growth’ and labelled just like your screenshot, then I’d agree with you wholeheartedly


Nutmeg does this too, very nice way of seeing your profit vs investments


I really want to see this too, as vlad mentioned a lot of us think it would be useful.


37 votes in a day, what a magnitude :eyes:

I’ve made about 3-4 suggestion topics asking for this feature. I think it would be incredibly helpful and very easy to see performance. Always baffled me why it’s not a common feature.


I’ve been meaning to make this suggestion for at least a month now but have been very lazy - the FT crowdfunding has brought me back to the forums at least - glad you’ve put the suggestion in as I was going to do it but was struggling on thinking how to word it :stuck_out_tongue:

As Lewis said Nutmeg already does this in a really nice, clear & user-friendly way. It would also be great if the same was shown for each individual stock as well as the overall portfolio, and if FT could then implement time-weighted investments that’d be amazing! (Something Nutmeg has been saying will be implemented for awhile now…).

And please, please, please do not include what’s in your account as being part of the portfolio. They are two separate things and should be treated as such.


Clearly I’m not good at finding existing threads as I’ve just raised this here again:

I also use Wealthify and Degiro and both have the function to some degree (at least total capital invested vs. value of investments at the current point in time)

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Yes I want this included too :o

Nutmeg do this!

Would be nice to see it here too

Yeah I’ve been after this for a long time but still nothing

And also to see the overall percentage for how well the portfolio is doing compared to investment. (The percentages in the second tabs are misleading unfortunately

It would be great to have it shown as after several top ups it’s difficult to track your gains against your top ups.

I agree. I keep a spreadsheet with my top ups per share. It’s messy.