Portfolio Profit Graph [request]

Something that has bugged me from day 1 and I know its been mentioned before but …
I’d really, really, REALLY like to be able to switch the portfolio graph to just show profit/loss rather than total amount. It could just be a button to switch between the two views.

I am making regular top-ups which makes the current graph meaningless in term of gauging performance over time.

Yea I agree I’ve been saying this for a while too, the main graph is the first thing you see when you open the app it should provide a meaningful view of you performance, which if you make regular deposits it does not at all. I’m sure like me many people’s “month” graph and more-so the “max” graph are literally pointless, mine is incomprehensible because of deposits. The TWRR graph addition was really nice but I still think having an option for the main graph to show profit/loss in either £ / % is essential.

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