[Feature Request 🔧] Separate cash & holding value on portfolio graph

I’ve been interning at a major wealth management firm and I have seen the way a clients portfolio is portrayed to them and I would like to see a similar graph in freetrade.
The graph shows one line with the amount invested into a portfolio less withdrawal by the client and the other line shows the growth (market value) of their portfolio. This means a client can see their growth at a glance.
I think this would be a major improvement to the current portfolio analysis graph on freetrade.

Have a look at how PensionsBee does it, it’d quite similar and very useful.


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Nutmeg also has a similar graph.

Vanguard also shows dots for the points when you invested, which I find useful.


I know it’s on the roadmap, but agree the portfolio view isn’t helpful to assessing returns. My performance should jump based on a deposit. It would be good to analysis performance on growth from my original deposits (or loss :stuck_out_tongue:).

And the individual charts are not always representative of the day…not sure if the photo uploaded. But chart shows drop of 6% over week, but actual drop on day was 10%.

Great work team Freetrade!

‘Shouldn’t jump’ based on cash deposits

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Sorry to bump this but is there any news on this front anywhere?

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Maybe also the option to have a graph of just profit/loss instead of seeing spikes when you put cash in…


Yep - simple change that would make a huge difference.


Yes, these ‘cash in’ spikes are one of my bugbears…
On the graph is looks like I’ve made a huge gain when in fact I’ve put half my pay packet in. :grimacing:


I really would like to see this update to the graph. If you deposit money even just occasionally the graph becomes useless the max graph is unusable and serves no purpose because any cash deposits just cause huge spikes to the graph. We should be able to see the real progress of our portfolio without the pointless interference of cash deposit spikes. I have yet to see anything from Freetrade on this it is one of my main issues with the app and seems something with a fairly simple solution.


Second this


Has there been an official response on this? Wondering if it’s something that is even being considered to be worked on. Just seems like something so simple

Not sure if any of the Freetrade team have even commented on this but I feel like it’s a major issue with the app probably my main gripe, what’s the point in having a graph if it becomes unusable, incomprehensible and pointless if you make even occasional deposits. It should just show either percentage or £ change in value from stock movements rather than sum total cash amount that includes deposits.

@Viktor @sampoullain Is there any word on if this will be fixed it seems like it should be high priority especially from a UX perspective.


Not sure I agree with this. if you only have a small portfolio a £10 move might look pretty big on the graph. as your portfolio grows £10 moves will be insignificant. How would you show that in a meaningful way if the actual size of the portfolio isn’t shown?

Having deposits/Withdrawals shown on the current graph would be better IMO

You could have two graphs, one which shows the portfolio total and one which shows the increase/decrease in your holdings value in either £ or %. If people are regularly depositing a portion of their pay check then the graph will just never accurately represent your portfolio performance as the main thing increasing the sum total of the portfolio is likely the deposits not the stock movements. The jumps will look smaller the bigger the portfolio gets but it still makes the graph not coherent and Freetrade should also make the UX appealing to both large and smaller investors anyways. There should be an option to remove the noise of deposits and be able to see your weekly/monthly/yearly/max performance much more clearly providing information along with this such as £ or % profit/loss.


Just going to leave this here which I found in a previous topic…



I LOVE that @jspen, separating out the deposits but showing both on the same growth is really simplistic but remains really useful


Yea that would be much more helpful than the current graph shows you exactly where the growth is.