Recently Viewed in Discover

We’ve started to test a new feature, Recently Viewed, with our beta tester pool :freetrade:

You’ll be able to see some sneak peeks here, stay tuned for full roll out!


There’s a “Recently Viewed” section in the new app version. Looks wonderful.


Just looked and I like the feature. But the intra-day growth figure doesn’t seem accurate - it shows a different number on recently viewed compared to when you click to view the specific share.

Looks good. I think it shows last month’s performance, which I prefer to seeing today’s anyway.

Ah yes you’re correct. I just spotted it’s the monthly growth figure. I agree, I prefer that as well.

Looks nice, very clean. How do you determine which ones show in that section? Last 5 securities viewed?

I like the idea of including the line chart, but looks a bit meaningless without any scale. It could be that we fix the graph with a +-10% scale so that there is a stable relative benchmark.

Also, I would limit this to securities that are not currently in my portfolio - as these would be the ones that I would be reviewing as buying opportunities


Looks cool, but would echo others thoughts that it needs a timeframe on the graph/performance data.

Kind of weird that recently viewed is showing monthly (?) perf data and everything else on the discover tab is daily.

Recently viewed is great!

Maybe there’s a better looking way to handle long names?

I don’t mind the fact the graph has no scale. It’s good just to see at a glance what’s happening. I’ll click on it if I want more detail.

It seems to be the month graph and change, I’m not sure if daily is better or not. Either way, it’s showing past performance which isn’t an indicator of future performance so perhaps a month is good, it just shows roughly what it’s done in a reasonable time frame, not recent spikes. Maybe a week would be a compromise or even a setting to choose. :man_shrugging:

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I like the recently viewed. Would be good to be able to pin one or two to remain first.

I think the discover page is getting too many sections perhaps.
I think the sectors should be much smaller buttons more like the Uk, USA, etf, tags at the top.

Really like that it’s near instant… literally view a stock and it’s added to recently viewed with no lag (but I guess that’s the point).

Echo above that I’d like some continuity between the % growth and timeframes with other parts of the app. Some indication that it’s daily, weekly or monthly that I’m seeing.

Thanks all for the feedback so far! :sunglasses:

We are currently changing the timefames to reflect a 1 month view to make things clearer and more consistent, these changes will go out soon. The sparkline indicates the past month’s trend and volatility of the stock within that timeframe. Hope this explains our thinking :relaxed:

As we have added a number of new elements to the Discover view we are also working on managing how this looks and feels to make it cleaner and easier to read. Keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

Do keep the feedback coming as we work on improving our product! Thanks!


Looks great - a nice ‘at-a-glance’ view, especially if you’re deciding between a few different shares based on recent performance. Lots of red on the ones I’ve been looking at of course!!

As it should be! Buy low :smile:

I agree that the discover page is a little overloaded. I’m liking that the graph shown is a monthly representation.

Recent View Really like the idea of graph for a quick view.

As our stock universe get larger, we need features as such.

But I feel we should have such option as tabs, so it meets everyone criteria…

I agree the discover page is too overloaded specially the Sectors section (box too big: Tech, Finance etc…) Quite like the new graph.

I like the Recently Viewed function - until FT are able to have a ‘Watching’ function, I think this is how I will use it.

Any chance of extending it beyond 8 stocks viewed, eg an option to review ‘more’?

You can vote for a watchlist here: Watchlist

Really liking the recently viewed function agree that it should be able to hold more 8 stocks if we could add a see all section would be good.Although when the watchlist is added the recently viewed wont be as important.

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this looks amazing! - LOVE the graph included in the card :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: