Collection - newly added stocks 🆕

This is still a work in progress (& the design may change) but I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of one of the first Collections that we’ll add to the app - Newly added stocks. This is a popular request in #ideas so it’s great to be finally adding it!

We had planned to highlight these another way but we think this is the better solution, now that we’re building the Collections feature.

Let us know if you have any feedback :smile:


Looks great, I very much prefer the new way of showing “Newly added” as it allows to easily identify the new additions without the need to go through the entire universe! :slight_smile:

What is “Open Now”? Would that include all open markets’ stocks at any given time (i.e. UK until 2 pm, UK + US until 4 pm and US until 9:30 pm)?

I also love the compromise with “Index ETF”. But just to be that guy, would this category not be misleading unless it only contains S&P, FTSE, Russel, NASDAQ and similar index equivalents? Physical Silver (PHSP), for instance, or UK Gilts (IGLS) are not precisely Index ETFs, are they?


Great to see this being developed further and I like that you can open a collection and see a list of stocks contained within. It looks like you can scroll the collection horizontally on the discover page which I like too.

The challenge I see is that the discover screen is looking a bit crowded with all those discover pill buttons plus a single collection plus the list of stocks. How will this visual clutter be dealt with when you have multiple collections?

Also, is there a need for all the view pill buttons on the collection page? They look a bit dated and I would expect that it’s apparent to most people that pressing on an item in the stock list would show more detail…


Maybe the label could be “ETFs ETCs etc”? :wink:


Yes :slight_smile:

We might not add this filter though, it’s still under consideration.

We’d break this filter down so this would only show Index ETFs. We’d have others for Bond ETFs etc.


If you look, not everything has a ‘view’ pill next to it. Only the new stocks do. Make me wonder if that’s because the ‘view’ actually links to the relevant post on the community introducing the stock in question?

This is a very early version of the design - to give you a sense of how early, the main reason the pill is there is to have the pill - what will be displayed on that button & what it does, still hasn’t been decided :thinking:

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Yes, I think you are right, that could well be used as a link to additional info . My main irk is the collection screen where I find the view pills to be visually jarring … I’m sure there is room for some improvement…

I thought Collections would be the section, rather a expanded collection like shown for ‘Newly added’ in the screenshot above. Something like this

or like Spotify’s collections


Other than that, the “Newly added” section needs some other sort of styling beyond it being larger that differentiates it from the stocks below.

P.S. Good to see the “Exchange Traded Funds” is being reworked.


The etf explanation box solves all my concerns and I really like those designs


Looks great. I like the new shorter ETF label too.

Looks great. However, I’d rather Freetrade concentrated on actually adding stocks than producing glossy gimmicks. I think I’m right in saying we’ve only had about a dozen additions this year to the microcosm that is the so-called stock universe.

Edit: As Rat_au_vanEmma rightly pointed out, it’s dozens rather than a dozen.

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Nice idea, but I am a little confused about the Index ETFs section. I mean not all the ETFs are necessarily index ones. If you make a section for Index ETFs you will have to make one for non-index ETFs as well. I think your best course of action is to just have one section and label it ETFs. Much simpler and removes the confusion out of people.
Edit : I am also not a big fan of the orange colour in there. I think it will look better if you keep your app within your main colours of pink/purple/white. (personal opinion of course)

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Seems like it is more likely that there will be subsections to address this issue :slight_smile:


That makes sense, I have missed out that part, my mistake.

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New stock Beyond Meat Added to Freetrade


And zoom as well


How many where added their not coming up on newly added stocks.

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Isn’t Ctrip new too? Chinese company -They own TrainPal in the uk, a competitor to Trainline