An update on adding thousands of new US stocks 🇺🇸

UPDATE: We expect to add the stocks when the fractional shares rollout is complete in May 2020.

We’ve been talking for a while now about adding thousands of new US stocks to your Freetrade app.

Here’s an update on how and when that’s going to happen.

Part one: community requests

Lots of you have requested and voted for stocks. Thank you! :pray:

Before we share details of what we will be adding first, here are some securities we won’t be able to add quite yet:

  • Stocks not listed in the US or UK (rest assured, we will introduce access to other stock markets in the future!)
  • US ETFs. We can’t add ETFs which are listed only on US exchanges, as they do not publish a KID (key information document) which is currently a legal requirement in the UK.

Sneak peek

Moving on to the list of new stocks we can add to your app.

We’ve been crunching the numbers and have created a list of around 250 stocks and ETFs which we plan to add as a first batch.

Here’s a sneak peek of the top 10 US stock requests:

  1. Virgin Galactic - $SPCE
  2. Realty Income Corp - $O
  3. Costco - $COST
  4. NIO Inc - $NIO
  5. Tilray - $TLRY
  6. Amarin - $AMRN
  7. Waste Management - $WM
  8. Roku Inc - $ROKU
  9. Altria - $MO
  10. Sonos - $SONO

We’ll be adding these 250 stocks in the next few weeks as a first batch, following the launch of US fractional shares. :us:

Some other top-requested stocks listed in the UK include BAE Systems, easyJet and IAG. These companies are in strategic industries (such as aviation), and they require something called a nationality declaration form.

Invest by Freetrade will enable us to add these stocks in future, and more.

Part two: even more stocks

We’ve almost finished the upgrade of accounts to Invest by Freetrade, which gives us more access to add more new stocks much more easily.

We’ll continue to work through and prioritise community requests, followed by other stocks and ETFs we’re able to add from the US and UK markets.

Stay tuned for the drop and please keep voting! :helicopter:


:ok_hand: finally looking forward to it been waiting to get in more US stocks glad to see some will be in the 1st batch to come onto the platform.Big well done to the team :money_mouth_face:


It’s happening, and really won’t be long now. I’m excited about quite a few of these stocks, too.

Our team are working hard on this as we speak.

Thanks for the support :pray:


Great update Sam! Looking forward to this!


That’s such a good news!


Really hope that ETFs get some love too


Looks like I’ll be one of the last people on the old platform. Want me to turn the lights off on my way out? :laughing:


:fist_right: :fist_left: me and you bro :wink:


Ill close the curtains or pull down the shutters then.


Good to know I’m not alone :wink:


Hopefully not long now till the move. My bags are packed and I’m ready! :joy:

Just got my notice message. Migrating within a week. Hope you get yours too :+1:

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Hi Sam,

Could you please break down ETFs that will be added in the upcoming weeks within this first package of 250? Thanks


I got mine too!


Great to hear! Is there a published list of the 250 to come?


So given what you’ve said higher up about not offering US-domiciled ETFs, this presumably means you’re referring to UCITS ETFs (ie, not only US stocks as per the title of the thread)?

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Yay! Finally Costco and waste management!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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@sampoullain are you able to publish the full list of ETFs which will be included in the next update?

I’m still waiting for my account update. Anyone else with me? Hello?

Meanwhile I’m practising turning the lights off. Finger over the button…

I’ve even got my cat in on the act:


Still waiting for this AND fractional shares