Over 500 securities on your Freetrade app! 🎉

And here’s how we’ll scale to thousands

Since the very beginning of Freetrade, our aim has been to grow our securities universe and offer a variety of them from around the world.

It’s also been the no.1 request from our community:

“More stocks and ETFs please!”

Which makes sense.

More stocks mean more access to companies, industries and asset classes – in other words, more diverse and interesting investment options.

Over the last few months, we’ve been adding more stocks and ETFs to your app, and we’ve now reached over 500 securities in the Freetrade universe. :tada:


This is just the beginning.

Here’s a summary of how we’ll add thousands of more securities to your app:

Phase one – more UK stocks :uk:

We’re adding around 200 UK stocks and ETFs, 25-30 per week, based on market cap and votes from the community.

We’ll continue to add these before moving onto the AIM, something we’ve also had lots of requests for.

Phase two – thousands more US stocks :us:

In the next couple of months, we’ll be adding thousands of US stocks as a result of some engineering work which is underway right now.

Phase three – European stocks :eu:

Stock exchanges and the order they’ll be added are still to be confirmed, but we’ll be making waves in mainland Europe. Très continental.

Phase four – Asian stocks :hong_kong::jp::kr:

Nintendo and Tencent are just two of the many requests we get for stocks listed in Asia.

We’ll be adding stocks from the Hang Seng Stock Exchange in Hong Kong first, potentially followed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Korea Exchange.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the next batch of UK stocks and ETFs this week!

And of course, let us know in the comments which stocks you’d like us to add to your app!


Great news does anyone know what the 10 current ADR’s are?

007 Bonds hahaha. I emailed my boss this morning saying the airport gate changed to 007 the James Bond gate. He replied thanks Ms. Moneypenny. Owned!!! :joy:


From the Freetrade Securities Universe Google Sheet.


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