Korean stocks 🇰🇷

I really can’t wait for not only Asian stocks, but specifically Korean stocks.
My biggest portfolio goal is to invest in the rapid economic growth of Korea :metal:

(I’m here because I saw the Trello has moved, and my favourite plan wasn’t listed, so hopefully we don’t forget these plans!!)

What leads you to expect rapid economic growth in Korea?


Historically Korea’s economy grown rapidly. “Miracle on Han River”.
Furthermore, as one of the top tech innovators, it’s clear to see Korea has a bright future.
Just going there alone shows :smiley: There’s robots in the airport haha and if you visit an LG or Samsung store, you’ll see there’s more than phones and TV’s. I think there was something cool I saw, I can’t remember specifics but it was like a wardrobe that dries clothes and was made by Samsung.

Sure but the conditions for that growth largely no longer exist. Korea has a rapidly ageing population and a massive internal issue with pensions and wages. Individual companies may grow but I do not believe there is a solid argument for Korea to experience a rapid growth.

The trend over the last 10 years is quite clear. Increasingly Korean companies are also offshoring manufacturing to Vietnam and other nations which will see growth rates slow even further. Without a huge boost undomestic consumption by the Korean people it seems hard to reconcile the Korea of today with a rapid growth economy of tomorrow.

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I’d go into further details, however ultimately I’d say investing is obviously down to judgement the individual makes with their cash :smiley:
I’d say looking at how Korea dealt with COVID with none to little economic shut down is a great indicator of stability in my eyes. (I was living there as the outbreak began).
There’s the hope for reunification, if the DPRK hasn’t given their resources to China which if that were to happen would have some great benefits to the GDP (but leave that point there)
Ultimately, South Korea is in my opinion a mini America. And furthermore, I’d argue Korea’s population age isn’t an issue, if I recall correctly, the median age is 40, same as ours. My degree surrounds the Asia Pacific, and my interest mostly focusses on Korea and the two Korea’s :metal:

I do like the arguments you raise though, since I enjoy a good debate and arguments that counter my beliefs or thought processes :clap:

Actually, unification is terrible for a country. Being very familiar with the German case from 1990, I can tell you that there will not be a gdp increase, but huge costs to be stemmed by the south koreans. Including a large population that are essentially skillless into the SK economy would give you 20 million unemployed people instantly. Not to speak of gigantic infrastructure and educational investments and massive dislike between the people.

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Access to Asian markets will be great!

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Not just unskilled but also completely brainwashed. The costs of re-educating the population of NK alone, without any thought given to actually educating them, would be prohibitive.

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Agreed. I can see South Korea having the same issues that Japan has had with an ageing population and lack of growth.

Just to play devils advocate, Korea have a huge global presence across many high tech fields. Samsung has factories across the globe. Arguably their best work isn’t in Korea itself, and domestically they do have a decent middle class, excellent schools etc. LG Chem (I bumped up the stock request) is making advanced battery formulas in Poland at the exact moment Germany has doubled its EV subsidy, which is a sector still in its infancy despite making enormous strides in less than 5 years.


There’s many arguments for and against reunification, my favourite had to be from Asian Boss.
Ultimately Though I doubt that’ll be in our time.

I’m interested heavily in the tech field, and you might be surprised to find that some companies own more than just tech. For example Samsung have healthcare buildings, apartment blocks and even a theme park. LG have toothpaste :smiley:.

100% agree with you Max :metal:

It be good if there’s a selection of stocks in different markets which the competitors don’t have as opposed to generic UK and US stocks.

Still waiting for UK stocks like IAG, EasyJet, John Menzies and some AIM market cap stocks.

Keep your eyes peeled later :eyes: