Expansion into India, South Korea, Turkey etc

Hi @freetrade,

I’m just wondering, has there been any thoughts/ discussions as to whether Freetrade will ever look to provide their services to countries such as India, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine, South Africa and other countries with a large population outside of Europe?

I’m not too sure what the stance is on free investing in these countries but it would be good to get some feedback as to whether or not countries like these are in scope.

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Japan is definitely happening, there’s a waiting list. Same with Canada and Australia, where there’s a team developing the app. I’d guess not all the ones you mentioned would be easy, it would depend on the different rules, account types etc and whether their licences are faster to obtain than Sweden :roll_eyes:

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Thanks @AdamL. Do you have any idea of the timelines for the likes of Japan, Australia and Canada?

Some of those markets could be fairly challenging to operate in. But South African financial services regulations are similar to European regulations and generally well regarded. And there is an investment hungry population with a market size of a small European Country I would guess. Etoro already operate there and there is a local grown Freetrade equivalent called EasyEquities. Would be great to own companies like Naspers which are not listed anywhere other than the JSE (as far as I’m aware)


South Africa actually have a surprisingly large population of 60 million - roughly the same size as England. So they could be a good country to run operations to increase user count and paying subscribers.

Obviously I’m sure it’s better they target Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia first but SA could be a good addition as well.

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