Freetrade launch in Scandinavian countries

When will Freetrade app be available for Scandinavians(Sweden,Denmark, Finland and Norway)?


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We do hope to launch into Scandinavian countries at some point next year. It really depends on how the first wave of countries we launch in goes (Ireland, the Netherlands etc.) and how deep we localise. It’s unlikely we’d launch across all Scandinavian countries in one go though. Where would you want us to prioritise first?


Sweden and Norway.


Hi James

When is the firs wave happening this year?

Finland isn’t Scandinavia


Q120 for Ireland launch

The first wave will be in the next 3-6 months

lol it is.

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Guessing you didn’t read that since it doesn’t say Finland is in Scandinavia. It just says that some people like to lump it in with Scandinavia.

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Im sure the Danes will say Denmark. The Swedes will say Sweden, the Norsks will say Norway and if we’re including the Fins then im sure theyll say Finland.

I’m sure you’re right :wink: The thing is, we love to hear what the demand is for Freetrade in various countries. It’s also great to know whether there are any new country-specific features you’d like to see as we expand.

For example, are there accounts similar to stocks & shares ISAs in other countries that you use?

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Sweden would seem to make to most sense expanding in to Scandinavia. Volvo springs to mind for most people looking to invest. I do believe these are on the Stockholm stock exchange.

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Finland is launching it’s own ISA at the start of the year. It’s limited to stocks only, ETF trading isn’t allowed inside the account. Also, there’s a €50,000 limit for total deposits into the account. The commissions are generally min €10 (or more) per trade with the Finnish brokers. As you can tell, competition is weak. Would love to see Freetrade here!


we hope so. :+1:

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Any update on this? Looking forward to see the platform launch in Denmark.