Freetrade launch in Finland?

Hey! Are there any plans on releasing Freetrade in Finland?

We finally got an equity saving account this year which is a Finnish version of ISA, you can deposit 50k€ max and ETF’s arent allowed inside the account.

The commissions here for US stocks on most brokers are around 10-15€ per exchange, some don’t have a mobile app and if they do, they aren’t really user friendly.

Competition here is really weak and I think Freetrade could take over really quick as there are no commission free brokers for equity saving accounts here yet.

We probably don’t have many Finnish people here to vote for this addition but I think this is a really good opportunity for Freetrade to step in here.

Agree that Finland would be a great opp for Freetrade. Northern Europe countries have high disposable income per capita and nurture a saving habit

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I’m pretty sure Freetrade will be available in Finland late 2021 early 2022

I’m just a regular freetrade I investor but i do know the top guys at freetrade read these posts and do give points raised consideration, you have put a good case forward.