Any news regarding access to Swedish Stocks?

I remember seeing that FT have had Swedish team for almost a year now and wondered if maybe one part of their work was to help UK FT users to access Swedish NASDAQ shares. Have been looking into Investor AB and might just have to get an account at another platform if I wish to buy the shares I guess:)


Sweden is the growth capital of Europe. Are you asking about buying on the Swedish Nordic exchange?

yeah NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange

any news to when Swedish stocks will become available on Freetrade?

Even large caps Swedish stocks still not available like Evolution $EVO, LIFCO $LIFCO B, Atlas Copco A $ATCO A



I would love to invest in Swedish stocks, just like I love the country (my mother was Swedish so I see it as my second home). However, withholding tax on dividends of 30%. No thank you!


+1 for this. Every other major EU exchange seems available for UK customers except Sweden, which seems strange considering it is FT’s European base. Is there any news on bringing access?


Spain / France / Italy ?


Fair enough, but those all have a transaction tax which FT have mentioned will take longer to implement. Sweden doesn’t and is their frontier market, so I still don’t understand why even a timeline hasn’t been announced?


I’m sure others will correct me but the whole Swedish project appears to have been somewhat misjudged.

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