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I saw some past posts about this but not any clear answers, Will it be available in the future to transfer my existing portfolio from an other broker to Freetrade :freetrade:? I started investing since last month and i have some “solid” positions that is for the long run, not sure if i want to sell and start over again. Will this be offered in the future? i am willing to wait for it if this will happen eventually.

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You can transfer in ISA’s already :+1:t3:

I read somewhere that you’d be able to transfer non ISA’s as well in January, but I haven’t seen anything announced on this. Might be best to check customer service within the app…

I think we will need to wait about this since ISA is just for UK clients.

Be careful with exit fees from another broker. Freetrade might not charge much (if anything) but for me DeGiro is €10 per position. I will absolutely not pay that. I have some small biotechs I own are around €40 in size. 25% fee if you look at it like that.

Oh woow that’s insane! what if i have 60 positions I will have to pay €600 to move my portfolio? it would be better to sell and get my profits and just buy again in the new platform…

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If it’s DeGiro you use then ye it would cost you that. If you’re a long-term investor why would you sell? You’ll be buying at often a higher price, and the mess with ex-dividend dates. Better off leaving it IMO. It’s not our fault Freetrade wasn’t there when we were buying. I’ll just be keeping it on DeGiro and then FT will be become my primary broker going forward. Simples

you are right but the point is to have your investing portfolio in just one platform its convenient, Anyway the roadmap for international expansion is 6+ months so i will keep investing and once the time comes i will figure it out, I am a dividend investor btw so yes it will mess up the ex-dividend dates a lot selling and buys again.

Each to their own €600 is more inconvenient to me than having to use 2 platforms.


this is so true! let see if there will be an better way in the future

The FCA was looking at banning exit fees for online investment platforms. (I’m not sure what the latest is on that though)