Degiro Reviews?

Anyone within the freetrade community had any dealings with The good, the bad, the benefits freetrade have in comparison? Any knowledge would be appreciated as I am currently trading with IG costing me upwards of £10 per trade which is killing my intraday margins. I need a stop gap broker until the freetrade platform is operational.

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Degiro’s app interface is a disaster (but Web is fine).

I used them for some time and their pricing structure is better than anything else in the UK (Freetrade excluded), you can invest in the US shares for a low as 50p per transaction.

Albeit they have some hidden costs, I would have still stayed with them rather than any of the UK’s “£5-10 per transaction brokers”.

I am just waiting for the Freetrade’s ISA/US shares release to sell my entire portfolio (no longer use EU brokers for now) and get all the capital into it.

So I guess all we can do is wait and endure :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Few other issues with DeGiro:

1) No tax efficient accounts (SIPPs, ISAs)
2) Your transactions always get matched in house first, hence the spreads are not always favourable (and yet DeGiro itself will incur no cost as there will be no transaction on the relevant exchange)
3) No £50,000 FSCS protection, only mere €20,000
4) No fractional trading and £1 entrance like with certain soon-to-be-launched competitors


Cheers Vlad…

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Hi Niall

I am using Degiro for 3 months and still ongoing. I tried to wait as long as I could for Freetrade. As Degiro was not my first choice. Wish I could have put that money in Freetrade. But still waiting for freetrade :frowning:

I really like Degiro though. You can do everything on the app but it is not too bad. I highly recommend it while we wait for FreeTrade to come out on Android.


Are you sure re point 2?

Just because it gets matched in house doesn’t exempt DeGiro from Best Execution rules, does it?

If a ‘better’ price can be achieved elsewhere then they are duty bound to give you that price. You’ll see that wherever you go. For example, if you jump on the order book and see Winterfloods quoting none top-of-book prices but ping Winner Trader for a price you’ll magically find the quotes match top-of-book/best price.

I’ve always seen my DeGiro trades placed on the order book - and thereby incurring a cost (admittedly a small one) for DeGiro. That just makes sense from a best execution and trade reporting standpoint

According to MIFID 2004, you are correct. When I had my transition period from DeGiro to another broker, most of the stocks I was interested in (November 2017 we are talking about) had wider spreads on the DeGiro, which was one of the reasons to move away from them. To clarify, I only speak of NASDAQ and NYSE as I did not look at any other exchanges at that time.