Direct debit: autogiro?

Hi there!

Just saw the announcement for direct debit. Will this functionality support autogiro for Swedish banks? :slight_smile:


@etf Hej! Not initially, but definitely something we’re aiming to make available for our Swedish customers as well.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Looking forward to this integration in the future. :slight_smile:

The release notes for the Freetrade app say that direct debit is available, but I cannot find any reference to this in the app. How would this work? Thanks.

Maybe it is UK only? As per last FT post.

Thanks for your reply!

And yes, probably. The communication and differences between the UK and Sweden app are very confusing. Marketing emails and app updates promote functionality that just isn’t there. :man_shrugging:

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FT should be geographically aware and send information accordingly I suppose.

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@acamp FYI

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@etf Hej!

After checking we can confirm that you accidentally received release notes that was meant for UK customers. It has been rectified and should not happen again. Apologies.

If it does happen again (this goes for any potential UK marketing emails as well), you are welcome to DM me and I will look into it right away!