Our first Open Banking integration is here

An exciting new feature we’ve been working on for a while has arrived :money_with_wings:

With our new Open Banking integration, you can now make payments directly from your bank or building society app to your Freetrade account.

Rolling out on Android from today, and on iOS very shortly.

Read the full blog:

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


Are there any additional fees for this?

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Will that also make the withdrawal faster?

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Hey, this is available to everyone, at no extra cost.

The only fees we charge are on this page:


@sampoullain - FYI the link to your FAQs from https://freetrade.io/blog/open-banking-integration?_ga=2.5359280.2069572904.1598208181-1345030047.1551285629 clicks through to a Google Doc that requires permissions to access. That’s an unexpected user experience! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, fixed that now!


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Hey Renato, no change to withdrawals as yet, but we’ll always look to continue to improve both deposits and withdrawals in future.


Great :+1:t2:


No worries, anytime, and hope you enjoy the new feature.

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Fantastic work! Should really improve the new user experience. No more copying references :smiley:

I was expecting Open Banking to shorten the 2-4 hour wait before funds appear. Is there any reason why FT must still “apply” the deposit to the account?


Nice addition (and good choice of bank for the demo, NatWest/RBS are doing quite well with their tech stack).

I’ve seen some other companies implement this open banking payment feature (although I think Freetrade is the first investment company to do so?) and I quite like it, I recon it will simplify things a little for many people.

I too had hoped this may have seen the 2-4 hour payment window disappear but i presume there are still some technical limitations preventing this for now? Is it the intention to reduce or (virtually) eliminate this delay in the future?

Great feature thanks. Maybe a slight tweak in the video which loops and shows £4.39, if you missed it at the start it looks like that’s what you end up with out of the £5 deposit


A new feature out on Android before iOS? Blasphemous!


Looking forward to getting this on iOS. Hopefully just the start of what can be done with open banking.


Generally open banking is there to eliminate card scheme fees which in this case there are none anyway. It will be handy for people who didn’t already put FT in their list of trusted contacts with the banking app I guess (i.e. first time users). Those who did can already top up with essentially 2 clicks.

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I’m thinking about future expansions where you can see your portfolio in other apps e.g financial aggregators or baking apps.


Thats won’t be available through open banking. This might be available through something called open finance, but this is quite far away in the future. Aside from screen scraping and custom APIs ofc.

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As Freetrade do not provide a unique bank account for every user all our funds are credited to a single bank account.

These have to be manually allocated using the reference code attached to the transaction rather than able to be allocated using STP.


another one looking forward to the ios being added

loving the regular new features you guys drop keep it up