Freetrade is Out 🔥 Share your first thoughts once you get access!

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

Hey fellow investors, as you know, first lucky users got the access as of today.

Feel free to share your experience using :freetrade: once you get your hands onto it!

Testing immediate impressions
Just a couple of things
Initial suggestions
My first bit of feedback
Some ideas
(Emma) #2

It’s so pretty

#20 :sunglasses:

The latest on the rollout
(Vladislav Kozub) #3

You got in before me! #21 as per the age :sweat_smile:

The setup process is as intuitive as it possibly can be, absolutely great job @freetrade_team

(Chris) #4

#23 checking in.

Can’t wait to be the next Buffett.

One minor quibble: I took a chance that I could copy the reference provided. A little copy symbol or button to copy into clipboard would be super.

(Kenny Grant) #5

Impatient to see it now, but unfortunately I’m in the third round of investors. :sob:

Hope everyone who has access will share some screenshots for those of us still waiting.


Good news is that doesn’t matter too much at this stage. They’re rolling out in small sets so they can make sure it all works properly.


Agreed, I just assumed (correctly) I could copy but a button would be clearer.

(Vladislav Kozub) #8

Thou wait shall not!

(Emma) #9

Support is really good and quick if you completely mess up typing your reference :joy::see_no_evil::heart:

(Chris) #10

Shots fired at BT. Accurate too.

BT is categorised as ‘Slow internet’ - Suggest changing it


It’s so pretty

The latest on the rollout
(Alex Sherwood) #12

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(Kenny Grant) #14

Only problem is, I have no idea where in the real queue I am, because of all the different conflicting criteria. I do feel for any R1 and R2 investors who are still around after waiting years though, so fair enough they go first. I’ll wait and look at pics for now and hope they ramp up quickly to more like 200 a day soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pics and thoughts everyone who does have access, it’s looking really nice! Exciting to see it in the hands of users too, where the real product development begins.


I have no idea where I am in the queue either.

It’s fun to see/hear all of this.

The email will be a good surprise :smile: have fun.

(Chris) #16

Anyone made a trade yet? I’m having a think.

(Vladislav Kozub) #17

Breaking news: I was told the top up takes up to two hours, but mine only took 30 minutes (well done Monzo!)


This is such a monumental moment, my first ever trade with Freetrade!

Probably go safe with ISF for my first deal.

(Chris) #19

Snap. Same here.


Still waiting for my transfer … this is the moment i think “i did enter the details correctly?”

(Denislav) #21

Can we please get a confirmation of the first trade! We need to make sure it gets framed as a picture! :framed_picture: :freetrade: