Sharing the App's UI pre-launch?

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

I was wondering The Team would be willing to share all the major UI screens/menus/functions/features prior to the roll out?

I believe many members of the community would be quite interested to see these if were to be available. There are a few on the mainpage but not as detailed.

I have deliberately posted it in “Feedback and Suggestions” as I am certain there could be forum members looking at those with fresh eyes and, potentially, proposing valuable ideas (who knows?).


(Big Boss) #2

Yea, good idea @Vlad

(Tommy Lowe) #3

This was the latest sneak peak that @Viktor shared last October, however this was pre-rebrand, so it may have changed since…

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

Thanks, Tommy, at least there is something! :sweat_smile:

It seems like the securities are split into categories (“sectors” probably would not be a good classification) - will there be a filter button? Having a current share price/daily change would also be handy. Something along the lines of:

(Rob N) #5

There’s a few pics and a video’s on their Instagram, that’s probably the best that’s publicly available…

(Vladislav Kozub) #6

I bet Viktor will be here within the next 2 hours with some nice insider info!

(Tommy Lowe) #7

Will let @Viktor answer that one as we spoke about filters around the same time , maybe @JamesStorer could give us some insights into what he’s been getting his teeth into? :nerd_face: :pray:

(Viktor) #8

That one screen hasn’t changed that much yet, but it will! We are looking to make that screen a discovery engine with collections and other features.

There was a GIF of @JamesStorer using the app in one of the newsletters, let me upload it here.

He saw the thread (we all read the forum!) and he said he’d add a few screenshots for you very soon!

(Viktor) #9

Never gonna let you down, Vlad!

Also, first screen you see after the quick onboarding (from my current build). It gives a sense of our visual world:

(Vladislav Kozub) #10

That is lovely! I am not sure how I could have missed it. And indeed, you can never leave wanderers with no attention :grinning:

Adding to the above and the GIF, it would also be great to have the following features if they have not yet been considered:

  1. Watchlist. For example, on every security’s profiles if there was a “add to bookmarks” button. May look like a star, for instance, here:

This watch list could then be in the ‘Discover’ tab as a subtab at the bottom (I do not quite see what is there at the moment).

  1. Filter, as Tommy has also mentioned, is a must.

  2. Sorting would also be very handy (not sure how feasible it is to implement) - sort by yearly/monthly/daily change, price and name.

On the side note, will we have to fill the form to get dividend tax from the US securities reduced from 30% to 10% or it is already done by the service?


(Viktor) #11

Awesome, I really like the star idea.

I’ll let @JamesStorer comment!

(James Storer) #12

Hello :wave:, it’s so great to see the community taking shape and people getting excited! I can share a few screen teasers over the next couple of days, although I don’t think there’s too much that hasn’t been shared already. As for features, always happy to hear what people have to say. We will definitely do watchlists and filtering shortly to improve the discovery experience, on launch we will have search only and possibly “collections”. However our main focus right now is going to be offering ISAs and US securities.

(James Storer) #13

Happy Wednesday :tada: As promised here is a teaser of a few of the core app screens. We’re already iterating on the order screen to support leading with amount rather than no. of shares, ready for US stocks. You guys will be getting this so soon! Super excited :grinning:

(Vladislav Kozub) #14

That’s what we were after, thank you!

One little suggestion to add portfolio share percentage next to each security. Sometimes people may have their own investment strategies, e.g. 20% tech / 20% retails / 60% index OR 15% AMZN / 10% FB / 10% MCD / 65% VOO (hypothetically). It would be nice to see what the split is in the portfolio without constant recalculations.

Something along the lines of:

This will make it easier to see whether your holdings match your “investment strategy” if I may say.

P.S. 32.6% and 7.9% are genuinely based on that dummy account’s figures to show what it may look like.

(Kenny Grant) #15

One thing I’d love to see I haven’t seen anywhere else is a sensible presentation of portfolio value, which doesn’t show the change in value of the current holdings only, but the change of the portfolio value over a given period regardless of what was traded in that period. The change of particular holdings from their purchase date is fine, but if you’re considering your portfolio as a whole, you really need to know:

  • How much did I contribute this year ?
  • How much did it grow this year (independent of individual stock purchases)?
  • How close am I to my target retirement value?

I appreciate you may not have all this at launch, but think you could really do something interesting by encouraging users to consider the long term trajectory of their portfolio, rather than calculating profit and loss on what they happen to hold at that moment. It does require a little more thought in terms of how you store the figures (because just using the sum of the increases of all holdings won’t work), but would be worth it IMO.

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
(Adam) #16

I think you’ll love what we’re cooking up @kenny You’ll be able to see your time-weighted and money-weighted historical returns. Totally agree most platforms are geared to short-termism (prob to get you to trade more).
First up is to make sure everyone has a market benchmark they can compare their portfolio returns to.

App Screenshots and Portfolio Interface
(Rob N) #17

Are you able to say what you’d be using as a benchmark? Would it be global or change dependant on your holdings? I.e. a US benchmark if all stocks held were in US.

(Vladislav Kozub) #18

Would make sense to make it proportional. If I have 70% US and 30% UK, then 70% of SP500 performance comparison and 30% of FTSE100 would be reasonable.

But I guess most of the people will just look at SP500 :grinning:

(Adam) #19

Agree that a bespoke passive benchmark with your target portfolio asset allocation probably makes the most sense for more advanced investors, but we’d want to offer flexibility to choose the benchmark you’re trying to beat.:chart_with_upwards_trend:

@vlad I’d say an all-shares index would be more useful than pure large cap like the FTSE 100.

(Kenny Grant) #20

Sounds great. I like the idea of a benchmark too.