Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build 🗳

Since the launch of the app on Tuesday, we’ve already had over 35 requests for new features & functionality from our amazing users :raised_hands:

Until now, we’ve been recording those ideas in a spreadsheet & noting how many users made the same suggestion, to help with prioritisation.

But that doesn’t scale very well. And we want to make this list public, give the community an opportunity to help flesh out use cases or suggest solutions & share which ideas you would value most :loudspeaker:

So we’re trying something new - we’ve enabled the topic voting plugin on the #feedback-and-ideas category.

Whenever you have a new idea, please create a new topic in this category, to share it with the community. If we receive a suggestion via live chat from a user who doesn’t want to post it themselves then we’ll create the topic for them.

We’re not asking you to come up with solutions (although you’re welcome to suggest them!), the most important thing is that we understand the problem that you need us to solve or the outcome that you’re trying to achieve.

Once you’re at trust level one, you’ll be able to vote for up to 20 ideas in total so make sure that you only vote for the ideas that you think are most valuable for you. (We may change that limit if it’s too low).

We’ll use these votes, along with other considerations, to help decide which solutions we should work on.

Please feel free to comment on these topics & add your thoughts of course :speech_balloon:

Once a solution’s been rolled out for an idea, we’ll close the topic & your vote will be returned to you, to use to vote for another idea :pray:

In the meantime, you can see the most voted for ideas here :rocket:

PS - if you have a bug to report, the best way to do that is by sending us a message via the live chat, in the app or on the website.

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Just a quick reminder - if you have any ideas that you’d like to share which don’t already have a dedicated topic in #ideas, please create a topic yourself. You can click this link to get started.

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Hi. I’d love to have an integrated “watch list” or option to be able to select stocks and store them somewhere for generating a portfolio before making an investment. Found this very useful on HL app. Also means that I don’t have to trawl through the whole list each time…thanks!


Guessing you’ve not got round to reading the Xmas list thread?

You should, you’ll be very excited.


…wasn’t aware of it…I’ll look into it, thanks.

I find the forum is a bit messy and difficult to find things of interest. I’ll try harder next time.

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We’re putting more resources into it and we’ll make the whole forum experience more considered, informed by data.

Feel free to DM me any specific issues you had with the forum!


Hey Sam, just in case it is still relevant, here is Freetrade’s Christmas list :slight_smile:


Thanks Vlad and @Viktor. Great Christmas list. Look forward to the changes. :+1:


Many of us will hold shares with other providers. I would love to be able to have a ‘My Portfolio’ where we could also include shares held with other providers and then get a real time total portfolio value.

Since Google Finance ceased to be nothing quite as good has come along - Yahoo is OK…but I would much rather have it all in the FreeTrade app.

It would make FreeTrade the go to app for people wanting to see their portfolio value - and surely this would be a good thing to increase the chance of them investing through you in the future…

  1. Multi-currency accounts (cf. legacy broker Interactive Investors) and spot FX limit orders
  2. Fully automated SIPP transfers (cf.Pension Bee)
  3. Investing though SIPP in non-listed companies, start ups, equity crowdfunding. This could be done via a partnership with my friends at Vauban Technologies (, also in Shoreditch.
  4. Fractional bonds as WiseAlpha offer

Fractional bonds as WiseAlpha offer

These are not suitable instruments for the Freetrade crowd, most of which contains novice investors. The “Fractional bonds” there are in essence not real bonds, rather TRS (Total Return Swaps), which are classified as a sophisticated instrument, because it’s a derivative.


As long as the TRS is securitised, as in most synthetically replicating equity ETFs which a lot of FreeTrade customers might have already invested in, that’s fine.

I would like some features related to dividends.
I would like ex-dividend dates and dividend yields announced and historic for each stock.
Finally, for all the stock in my portfolio, I would like information on when dividends are anticipated to be paid out and the announced value.


Could we have possible collaborations with the startups below:


Yes, to all three please.


With the new head of product who came from HL, I think it would be very very nice to have some of the features that I could find on HL such as company info, data and news. If Freetrade does go down that route, then it wouldn’t need to integrate with third parties who provide data and news such as Atom and Finbox. If Freetrade wants to work with third parties wherever makes the most sense, a few others I’d throw in here such as Simply wall st, Genuine Impact, Stockopedia and Webull.

Everyone is doing APIs now so if Freetrade wants to provide that in future for Plaid, that would make it very useful for users. And it can be a big differentiator over HL because HL is not going to do anything fintechy in my understanding such as providing APIs for others.