Enable users with activated accounts to refer others

No referral link (as far as I can see) in the live app, was going to send it to my Mum!

Good point! Please do send me a direct message if you need your referral link in the meantime.

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I know this is an old thread, but it would be nice if this gets implemented and maybe people we refer can get a higher position in the queue than they normally would when signing up by themselves (as far as I can remember the only incentive for referring was that we would get a higher position in the queue)

I have a friend who’s interested in trading too, so I’d love to be able to refer him and get him on-board sooner, although saying that he’s on Android so there’s no rush for this to be implemented :wink:


Depending on the CAC you guys have to play with, it’d be very cool to be able to give a free £5 of shares in your chosen company to a friend if they join the app.

‘Marty has sent you £5 of shares in Greggs! Join Freetrade to claim them now’.

I’m quite sure @Viktor is all over this idea already and saving it for further down the line when/if organic referrals dry up.


I like the idea of rewarding for referrals but not so sure of the viability to gift actual shares to someone else.

Probably easier to gift something like a few free instant trades (worth a £1 each), or at most, a week/month of Alpha?


I’m not sure if it’s Robinhood or M1finance but their referral program involves being given a free stock. It’s a completely random stock given to both individuals.


I feel that the messaging around free shares is a lot cleaner and more enticing to the average Joe, as opposed to having to explain the merits of Alpha or functionality of instant trades.


@PigeonStrangler Robinhood offer a free share to referrer and referee. Some referrers think it’s a good enough deal that they’ve turned their referral code into a website, and bought ads to point at it.

And M1 seem to do a “get $10 if your friend signs up and funds their account” thing.

@marty is right that a free stock is immediately understandable and possibly very CallToActiony…

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Yes definitely free share(s) would be excellent - could be any share under £5 or something like that? Doesn’t really matter how it is done, and it is just cash behind the scenes, but it would feel nicer to the customer to choose a share and own it immediately, and illustrates the point of the app perfectly in a way which cash or free alpha for a month does not.


Is there currently any benefit to referring people via a link?

Referred a friend already (who promptly invested in the crowdfunding round too!) didn’t realise there was any kind of referral scheme.

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That’s awesome, you’ve definitely earned some good karma :purple_heart:

Besides helping your friends put their savings to work there’s no benefits at the moment. But we’ll be starting to incentivise referrals in the not too distant future.