Paid referral incentive

(Arif Qazi) #1

Afternoon all,

Once testing is completed it might be worth offering an incentive, £5? to users that refer new users that deposit a minimum amount, £ 1,000? This would be similar to Amex card users that get friends and family to sign up for a Amex card e.g. 4,000 avios for a BA card

Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build :white_check_mark:
(Emma) #2

Wouldn’t some people just transfer in £1000 and straight out again? I’m not a fan of referral bonuses

(Arif Qazi) #3

They would have to make an investment and hold it for a minimum period

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

Agree with @qaziar on the necessity of referrals, but not the one that will cost Freetrade a fortune :slight_smile:

I have put a up a slightly different version for referring:

(Arif Qazi) #5

That works. I’m an investor in WeSwap as well and I believe that they credit £5 for each new user but free Alpha for a month would be a great incentive.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

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What about £5 worth of instant trades or similar?


Robinhood’s referral program sounds interesting…


I’m an investor of WeSwap as well and they give £10 when you refer someone. £5 when they join and £5 when they make their first load and they get £10 too. It seems costly but seems like it works very well for them. It’s probably too much for Freetrade to do this now though. Maybe in the future. I think Free Alpha/£5 worth instant trades/or like Robinhood’s free shares are better options