Voting for new stocks in the app

First of all, thank you for the great app - I use it as my main investing app.

Straight into it:
There are 2 types of users you care about - and only one will provide you with feedback. This is not good, at all. You will lose clients because it’s not easy for them to provide feedback on stocks they wanted and see that progress easily. ** It’s super simple, bring votes into the app.**

The 2 types of users:

-Ones that log in to this community and contribute to this community, these are the minority and these are NOT the individuals you should target for stock votes but currently are the only ones providing them.

-Ones that invest and only care about the application working and meeting their needs, they have little investment in the roadmap of your product, and only care about it working for their needs. (This is most of your customers). This is the customer that needs to see this functionality.

This is fine, this is expected. Feature feedback, feedback on the development and all that stuff is for this forum and makes sense. The end users (also the ones spending investing all their money) want to be able to contribute to stock choices as this has nothing to do with features of the app.

I appreciate you don’t want to be publishing this in the app as it appears your options for stocks then are more limited than it may seem - then simply hide it a little in the settings or create a beta space or something. Maybe under Insights.

Please consider this poorly written rant after finding it frustrating once again just to simply vote for a stock and not needing to create a forum post to do so. :confused:


Being able to do this in the app and not cluttering up the community forum would be great.


This is a good idea! +1


Adding on to this, some sort of quick link to the forums (easy) or forum integration within the app (hard I imagine) would perhaps be a good way to drive more participation on the forums so you did get more customers sharing feedback

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I agree with you. Voted. Let’s get Freetrade do this!