[Feature Request] In-App community integration

Would be interesting to see something similar to Reddit on Freetrade. For example, every stock has its own subreddit where people can create posts and users can participate or thumbs up thumbs down posts. This is all integrated in the app in every stock details page (maybe below the chart?). This would create more engagement with people posting memes, analysis or opinions. This engagement would convert into more trading and therefore more spot FX revenue. The main thing is it should be integrated natively in the app instead of having a separate web based forum like this.

But the app is already linked to the forums now. Or do you specifically want it to stay in the app? If so I would imagine that would be a lot of work to do but more importantly dedicated resources which are thin on the ground with expansion. :+1:

On the thumbs up issue they did bring this in a few weeks back but it vanished after a day or so. So I assume it is in the pipeline.

It’s not really. It’s just a link to a single web forum post. There is no visibility on other posts related to the holding. :pensive:

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Ah, so you mean like a mini forum for each stock? I see what you mean. :+1: Also, don’t forget to vote for it :stuck_out_tongue: I added.

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