Have the Forum in the trading app

I am new to this community but is a amazing place just wish it was on the trading app itself. It would be easier to access.

Plus I think a new community future will bring a lot of new customers

Hey Taha, first of all, welcome to the community forum :wave:

Last week we added a discussion topic onto every stock on your app.

You can find these links on the bottom of any stock page:

This opens an in-app browser where you can take part in the discussion. It saves your login each time.

In future, we may look at even more integrations to bring the forum discussions into the app, so stay tuned.


Yes I saw them but it will take you to the website.

I mean in the future if it possible to have In app community future.

So when you log in you will be able to see notification from app

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I spotted Hargreaves doesn’t have one yet but does have a stock request page here

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There’s an official Discourse [the software this forums runs on] app for mobile/tablet that you can download. It will give you alerts when you get replies on the forums or if there’s activity on threads you’re watching.

However even that, created by the official forum developers, will push you from the app into a browser window to view the forum. Sometimes a browser window is all you need.

Another example - I’m with E.On for my energy and they have a mobile app. You can poke around and look at various bits of your account/usage but sometimes when you try and access various parts of the app it will also just push you into a browser window - not even your phone’s default web browser but a browser built into the app. That’s annoying!

I quite like the current setup with the Freetrade app for dealing and then links opening in for browsing opening in your default/favourite browser app - the developers of both apps can concentrate on their core areas.


I see your point. But I believe that it will be possible to intergrade a community section without disturbing the core futures of the app.

I am aware of that is not something urgent.

I can see it good for Freetrade to win over a lot of new first time investor from etoro and trading 212
With a inbuilt community were you can have different challenges to win bages or merch.

Be able to connect with other users. Link portfolio
Daily or weekly challenges.

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Cool ideas, thanks for sharing.

You never know in future.

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