Brand new — community forum threads in-app

Spotted by some of you last night, we’re very pleased to officially share the latest item on the Christmas List:

  • In-app content

There are so many great discussions on stocks on this forum that deserve to be seen by, and contributed to, by even more people.

That’s why we’ve added stock discussions directly in-app:

You’ll see these on stock pages for a few hundred big stocks now, and we’ll add thousands more over the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy the feature, and please keep sharing your thoughts on the stock discussions threads! :raised_hands:

This should not be read as personal investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. When you invest, your capital is at risk.




I thought in-app would be more about the companies than linking out to the community. Oh well, will be interesting to see how this affects engagement, especially as most of the stock threads are empty.


Is there a way to implement this without bumping/creating 1000s of topics on the forum which in turn cause active user created topics to drop down in order?


I think we have different definitions of “in-app” as to see the actual content it directs you out of the app and to the community website


Nice idea, it’ll be interesting to see engagement increase from this. However as above - this isn’t ‘in-app’, its a web link.


I like this, but for me it does not qualify as in-app content - it is purely a link back to the community (which is great), and doesn’t really do anything for anyone who is reading the announcement of it on this thread (i.e. people who are already part of the community). I was expecting something like stock news, overall market movements, risers and fallers, top 10 stocks bought and sold on Freetrade, etc.

I’m sure all of that will come in good time, but if this is what was meant by in-app content, then it feels like this being on the Christmas List was just there to inflate the number of boxes waiting to be ticked.


Thanks for the feedback so far!

Thanks, Tom, hope you’re enjoying it so far!

We are absolutely exploring this, which is why we ran the poll recently to find out more about what you’d all like to see. This will take a little longer to go live as the team is focused very much on shipping SIPP and Free Share 2.0 by the end of the year.

Community content was the fourth most popular result in that poll:

Given that we use Discourse, this is the best integration we could create at this stage. In-app browsers experiences like this are quite common, although I agree that a native experience would be the best.

The process is quite manual — we basically create all the posts by hand — so, unfortunately, we’re not able to schedule these to go live during the night or anything. Other than pulling an all-nighter, that is!

Now you don’t need to open another app to take part in the conversation!

Sent from my Freetrade app

P.S. Keep the feedback coming :pray:


It doesn’t open an in-app browser for me, it opens my normal Chrome browser. Although please leave it like that, it’s annoying when apps use an in-app browser instead of the full browser as it’s harder to have multiple tabs and come back to things later.

There’s nothing wrong with this feature, it’s just that calling it in-app content feels like selling it as a lot more than what it is to those of us that use the community forum anyway


I think they created this as they wanted more people to join the community and become more engaged with freetrade

Of course. Just to be clear, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I was just saying it’s not what I thought it was going to be. From what Sam has said, they do intend in-app content to cover more than this. But yeah, hopefully it engages more people in the community.

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You should be able to create the posts as the discourse admin on the backend programmatically (might need to write a little script) and you should be able to force a reset on the bump date I think, though I’m not sure how that might work on new posts might not be possible. And alternative is to create them all unlisted then list them after all the norms topics are newer (or force a bump on them) then the topics when listed will be older than everything else (might need to test that one though). All that should be posible ok the console if you have someone who knows how


Great ideas, I’ve been investigating if we can create these in bulk actually which would be much easier. Let you know how we get on. Cheers!

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Make sure you automate new stock threads into the system. That would be cool :smile: and less work for you guys

(Extra points if you made a plug-in that automatically updated the OP with the stocks stats and documents)

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This offering is nothing short of ingenious. Promotion and bonus for whoever’s idea this was. Brilliant!!!:clap::clap::clap:


Well played!

I like this because we need to keep growing the community :clap:


We’re exploring this right now, yep — automation would be a good outcome! :sweat_smile:


Great work. Let’s hope it doesn’t get ambushed by individuals chasing attention/customer support as has happened in a number of other community sites/twitter…keep up the work team!

Latest page on the forum is absolutely flooded with topics for this…

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Will be over soon, we had to bulk create these so every stock had a thread on the app!

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