Bulk upload of threads — temporary! ⚠️

Hi all

In order to add forum threads on the app, we’ve had to bulk create around 3,000 stock discussion threads today.

This will be over shortly, so bear with us and normal service will be resumed!


If you can mass change them on the backend changing their time stamp to yesterday (for example) will automatically bump them behind all the active current threads.

You could do it manually (‘change time stamp’ in the thread controls) but I imagine whoever does that will hate their boss afterwards :smile:


Not possible now, I’m told, but thanks for the suggestion — I remember you mentioned the other day, too.

Anyway, not long to go now!

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Have you tried creating these as unlisted then changing the status to visible?

You can do it via the DB but you’d need to rebuild the cache afterwards.


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Thanks, I think it’s too late now but won’t be long until we’re done!

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Now if only there was a way to remind posters to search for an existing thread then they start creating their new topics! That would save you guys so much time shutting/moving topics around.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the whole Freetrade team are doing to make this forum such a great place. I want you to know that I hugely appreciate it :smiley:

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Thanks for the support!

The forum wouldn’t be what it is without you all taking part in so many great discussions.

It’s been a whirlwind year so far and we have plans to keep making the forum even bigger and better — and the best place to discuss investing.

One of these plans is making sure there’s a thread kicked-off for every stock in the universe, so customers can discover them in-app. We also aim to attract new customers searching for these stocks online.


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