Flood the forum

Holy moly! Hundreds of new single-stock share discussions all posted within hours of each other with little or no engagement and completely blowing out any conversations that were taking place. Is this normal around here?


Yep and it is very annoying :joy: Not sure of the answer but I just go to the NEW tab and dismiss all so I miss maybe a message or so then catch it on the next update :+1:


It’s just amateurish.

I’d be willing to bet that very few of those posts get any engagement.

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New stocks and associated discussion pages. They link from the app.

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Luckily you’re not missing much other than GME and AMC chat, so I wouldn’t be too worried :joy:


I sensed an automated process. But it’s not a very good one, is it?

Just new stocks on the horizon dropping on soon in app normally

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Really need a webpage for this stuff makes the forum unreadable.

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It’s incredibly annoying and causes me to engage much less in this community than I would otherwise.

I think we need a way to exclude categories from “New”

When I asked about this a couple of years ago I didn’t get very far

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First world problems eh?

People complaining because they have to scroll down to find their latest meme stock.


It’s not simply a matter of a little bit of scrolling inconvenience. If there’s any value in the ‘Community’ section of the website, then the proprietors should manage it properly. Dumping literally hundreds of new (and largely irrelevant) posts into a forum destroys the flow of the conversations, makes it difficult to navigate and puts people off interacting with it.


Let me just get this right.

People complains because this or that stonk is missing so FT add loads of stocks, create the relevant chat as they always have done & then people complain.

It appears some people cannot be pleased, it has only happened once since I’ve been here. Calm down.


No interest in meme stocks from me. My point is I have no interest in being notified of any new stock or stock discussions via “New”. The proportion of these threads that I have interest in is so low that I’d rather just not be alerted to them. The new threads from other categories, which I am generally interested in, wouldn’t then get buried in the noise.

For me, its been an annoyance since I joined the community over two years ago. Not a one off.


Just add stock discussions to your muted categories. I’m kind of surprised at how much of a fuss some people are making, just feels like there’s better thing to do with the time surely than to get annoyed over some new threads.


Might have to resort to that but not sure that’s really what I want.

I don’t want to be notified of newly created threads but I will still want to participate in some specific stock discussions and be notified of new posts in threads I’m actively participating in. Not sure if muting the whole category blocks that possibility.

I don’t think it does, you can track individual threads at several levels and that should override the category mute I believe

I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

If it behaves like that its a shame the Freetrade rep didn’t explain that when I asked two years ago!

They may not know, lots of different controls hidden away in discourse, and it’s changed quite a bit over the last few years as well

They do tend to do a big batch in an hour window once a week so simply wait then press dismiss to all the new mails. Any popular topics simply go to the top of the thread when a new comment is added so no issue :+1:

Yes it is annoying and would be great if the threads were added but not put at the top but don’t see any other option as they need it to link to the app page of each new stock. This is needed so really it is a simple fact we have to just accept it and move on :joy:

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First world problems eh?

People complaining because a stock thread has been added, that they are not interested in.

News flash, there is a thread for EVERY stock on the forum, (as there should be). Hence when they add a stock, they add a thread.

I despair at the Human race sometimes.