Is it possible to exclude a category from ‘New’ section on the community


Is there a way to exclude categories from what gets displayed when clicking on the “New” list/section in this community?

In particular, I’d like to exclude Stock Requests.

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(Emma) #2

You can mute a category by going to the category, and there’s a circle next to the new topic option. Not sure where it will be on desktop, and I’ve never used it but I imagine it works in the same way as mute thread

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I can’t find a way to do this for you I’m afraid. Emma’s suggestion is good but it’d mean that you don’t see any #stock-requests posts at all.

So I’ve asked the makers of the platform that we’re using for this site (Discourse), the question for you -


Thanks both.

Yes, I just want to filter stock requests from “New” but still have the ability to view them through other routes.