Is it possible to exclude a category from ‘New’ section on the community

Is there a way to exclude categories from what gets displayed when clicking on the “New” list/section in this community?

In particular, I’d like to exclude Stock Requests.

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You can mute a category by going to the category, and there’s a circle next to the new topic option. Not sure where it will be on desktop, and I’ve never used it but I imagine it works in the same way as mute thread


I can’t find a way to do this for you I’m afraid. Emma’s suggestion is good but it’d mean that you don’t see any #stock-requests posts at all.

So I’ve asked the makers of the platform that we’re using for this site (Discourse), the question for you -


Thanks both.

Yes, I just want to filter stock requests from “New” but still have the ability to view them through other routes.


Was there ever any progress on this, or information obtained from Discourse?