Spamming New Topics

What’s the reasoning behind obliterating the forum with new posts and pushing all relevant conversations onto different pages, or is this just me seeing this?

Not a good look for anyone browsing the forum for the first time.


I choose the wrong time to bump a request – moments later like 200 threads appeared. :smile:

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Unless they go to the back end and mess around , discord doesn’t really have an option to prevent that. It’s just how discord works.

The issue will disappear when people post stuff :smile:

Could quite easily spread them out over a couple of days adding 5 at a time so they then naturally drop down the forum.

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I saw it and got an email notification! :grinning:

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We did a bulk update of threads to correct some issues with them and the in app links. Apologies we should have set this update so that it didn’t impact the thread order!

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