Help Scrolling forum thread takes me to oldest first

Hi when clicking on any post in the forum it immediately takes to me to the oldest comment rather than the freshest and takes an age to scroll to the newest. Has anyone worked out a fix to this ?

Yes, but this is a feature not a bug. On mobile there is a little bar in the bottom left, on this thread it will be say 2/2, on longer threads 1/230 or something. You can press and hold that to jump to a position or press it once to go to a little overview screen with a vertical slider, and also a jump to function at the bottom. The forum platform is a product from intercom that Freetrade are using btw.

The forum is Discourse :slight_smile:

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If you press on the time icon (1h, 2h …) at the bottom right when you’re in the phone version of the homepage, it gets you to the latest post.

Ahh ok, but it’s intercom for the in app chat? I just assumed it was the same.

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