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Side topic but relevant to the website, does anyone know which forum platform is used here? I’ve seen the same setup on a few websites and it’s the nicest forum UI I’ve come across. I’d love to integrate it into a couple of my sites so thought I’d ask.



Discourse I think - same as Monzo


Ah that looks like the one! Thanks for your help!

I think it’s Intercom a company from Dublin. Are you talking about the community forum

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Thanks Harry, though it looks like Ethan was right. It definitely seems to be Discourse, which is good for me as they offer a free version and I have zero budget for the website, let alone forum upgrades.

Thanks anyway, always great to know about companies out there


They must have changed provider,this is from 2018

That refers to the messaging service in the app :wink:


Intercourse is the customer service platform not the forum platform


Hmm, that doesn’t mention the forum or community, so they may use Intercom for their live 1-1 chat and direct customer service, but use Discourse for their forum?

It is :+1: as the guys mention above they are 2 different things.


No wonder people are moaning about having to pay for plus to get the in-app chat working!


Intercom, not Intercourse.

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Pretty sure it’s Flarum…

Look at a demo here Est aut voluptas dolore. - Flarum/demo

It’s also completely free

Okay wow, Discourse and Flarum look VERY similar…

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You can download the Discourse app and add Freetrade using the below:

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Lmao, took long enough for someone to spot this typo

Please don’t use Discourse.

Surely functionality should be the priority - yet Discourse uses Infinite Scroll - which must be the most user-unfriendly invention ever on the internet ?

Worse, according to Discourse:
What I can tell you is that disabling infinite scrolling and using pagination is something we have never supported.
Discourse was conceived, created and designed to work with infinite scroll.

Imagine a journey of discovery without mile-markers to help plan the journey - including timings - or the ability easily to return to an item of interest already passed.

Imagine if a Crime Scene Investigator decided to scrap the grid approach used when searching the ground for evidence.

I.S. breaks such user-focused features in the worst way possible.

And another thing… the text is grey, so hard to read on acres of (wasted) white space.

In short, Discourse is designed by designers for designers - rather than users.


Isn’t that a bit late as they already use it for the forum or are you suggesting they start a new one?


Please don’t use Discourse.

Looks like Discourse isn’t an option for me anyway. A few forums I’m already active on use it, and I like it which is why it was my plan. However the sites I’d like to integrate it into are completely zero budget and hosted on standard IONOS servers which apparently aren’t even compatible with the open source version of Discourse.

I’ll have a look at what other forum options are out there. Basically, needs to look nice, be friendly to use and be free for self-hosting. In an ideal world it would also allow joint membership with WordPress, so people that have joined the site already, or that join in the future will automatically be added to the forum.

If you happen to have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Did you checkout Flarum? It’s completely open source, you self host it yourself. Looks very similar to Discourse.

I haven’t tried it much myself but I imagine it would tick your boxes, it has plenty of plugins and themes, and you can also add your own functionality if you have any coding skills

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