Freetrade Community APP

Freetrade community app so I don’t have to go into safari everytime to check in ? Would be easier access. Sorry if already suggested :ok_hand:t2:

You can download the Discourse app and add Freetrade to it


Thanks Cam not that tech minded but will have a look but this would be great below :wink:

There are plans to add realtime chat at some point I believe. There is a discord channel that @AchillesFirstStand has started too.


Cool thank you :+1:t2:

Cheers for the tip - didn’t know about this app!

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If you’re on Chrome / Android you should have an ‘Add to Homepage’ option within the Settings on the page. Gives you a nice icon / splash page:

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Here’s the link to the discord server (unofficial), if you’re interested:

We have pretty nice chats on there. I looked at getting the discourse app (confusing names I know), but heard it’s not very good, so I just go on my phone to read the Freetrade forum :v:


Thanks may give it a try later :ok_hand:t2:

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