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Hi FreeTrade Girls and Guys,

Do you have any plans in developing a Desktop version of your App - where one can use Chrome to login etc. this would attract my Generation X and as a result lift your AUA significantly.


This has been requested a bunch and is definitely known about by the team. They’re working on it, but it’s not got a release date.


Vote here: [Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

Yes, I couldn’t agree more.

I’m fed-up with using my phone. Freetrade will become a more serious broker once a proper website is set up. Big fan btw.


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Hi @DrunkenMonkey thanks for your input …

If you would like to vote or follow this topic you can do so below. There are plenty of like minded people as well as explanations for the lack of this feature.

Hi Neil,
Thanks. I have now voted for this.
Do you know when will the results of the vote be announced or a decision made?
That thread is around 4 years old !
Thanks a lot

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The way the voting works on the forum is really as way of gauging the appetite for a topic. They run until the thread is closed.

Internally FT have to balance the requests of the users for features that want to see (that will likely drive fee sign ups / revenue) versus their business goals of international development.

@max2 spotted a planned Japanese expansion which had not previously been discussed, this would bring FT to Japan but also Japanese stocks like Nintendo to us. Something not not featuring in the roadmap might not be the long haul it seems

Ok. Thanks Neil.

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