I have a desktop pc and would like to use Freetrade on it . Is that possible ?

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Not at the moment, it has been requested as something many would like to see.


Well there are a lot of people who use Desktop’s who dont use smart phones other than for voice and texts (older people like me who don’t have the 20/20 vision the youngsters have to use 4 inch square screens)

Anyway I hope that Freetrade are listening !..

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Freetrades target audience is the younger audience with 20/20 vision :joy: It would be nice to have but they are a phone based app and that is what you get. Sure it will come one day but when?

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I really think freetrade should build a desktop version. I saw that community members have been asking for years and still no signs of a desktop version.

I’m a “youngster” but really want to use freetrade on my desktop. I’ve been waiting for a desktop version but this is really disappointing. Also we are limited to US and UK stock exchanges. Even within those stock exchanges we dont have acess to all the stocks. Considering moving to trading212 or etoro or other companies which are bigger and have better established products and services if this continues.

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Whilst I understand the desktop thing it is worth pointing out that T212 are not accepting new customers and Etoro is not great price wise if you want to withdraw. As much as I would like a desktop version here I have never actually used my Etoro one as it happens :joy:

Personally I love the simplicity of FT and it must be hard for them to not get too complex and alienate a large portion of those who love it that way.