[Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

Out of curiosity, are there any plans to develop a desktop/web version of Freetrade at some point?


I believe this is the latest from the team on this:

Not initially, we have already talked about it because it shouldn’t be too difficult to do once we have more resources available. We already have all the necessary APIs for the mobile apps anyway.


I’d use a desktop version if it was available. I might be old fashioned but I usually do my share dealing sat in front of a computer


Dave: same here.


While on Yahoo finance I noticed that I could place orders to IB account from there, that is done through
I’m thinking of what is the benefit for brokerage
For me I would get real time quotes.

May be Freetrade could explore this, if it is too much for rolling out desktop version.


I think a website (web app) is the best solution for desktop, as it covers both web (unsupported devices), and desktops too, and serves as a backup in case there is a problem with the app.


Yeah a web site would make it available to everyone regardless of what device they use


I’ve voted for this. I’d much prefer to use the desktop version when it becomes available. I guess I just prefer a much bigger screen. There’s that feeling of certainty on my clicks for longer browsing. The app for me will just be for quick checking.


Doing a desktop version for sure should be a priority.After all this is peoples money and feels more serious in a way to do your investing on a computer/laptop.
I think now the new MacOS gives you the chance to move an app from an IOS appstore to a MacOS more easily and shouldnt be too hard for the developers to implement a MacOS version for start and then make one for Windows.
This way you can atleast cover certain % of the users for a rather short amount of time.


I don’t have an iPhone and when the Android app comes out it is very unlikely I will use it as I hate doing it on the phone. I want to be able to do it in my browser.


I mean apps are fine but much much rather have some solution on my mac.

Is there a problem with that ? os shall i get some iphone emulator ? :smiley:


Hello, I currently have access via the app, but I was hoping there would eventually be access via the Freetrade website, would this be an option in time?

I ask because it is easier to manage my portfolio on larger multiple screens with other apps open to help me make my decisions, I know its a mobile app, but other apps I have such as “JStock” work on mobile in the basic form and have a more complex app for the PC, This is just an idea I would like implemented with time, and thank you for the great work so far.

Carl Scott


Hey Carl, this idea’s been suggested before so I’ve moved your post over to this topic, I hope that’s alright!

Thanks for sharing the extra details about how you’d use this, that’s really useful.


The development costs of maintaining ios, android, mac and windows versions at parity would be prohibitive and slow down features for everyone. As an investor I sincerely hope Freetrade doesn’t take this route. Their huge competitors like hl don’t have a desktop app, they have a website. Even two mobile apps + web will stretch their resources.

I’d suggest a website is a far better use of resources and every platform has a web browser, so it would cover all platforms including those not invented yet at minimal cost.


For me the best idea is a web version of the platform for sure. It is no point to make a separate app for Windows/MacOS atleast at this point.


A web version seems like it would be a very efficient use of resources, especially considering it could allow for cutting down on phone support for older iOS+android versions (useful when today’s android versions become outdated in the future) while still providing a viable platform for all people who’d like to use it. And the potential userbase it opens up seems much broader: the number of people with access to a web browser must exceed the number with access to a specific phone os version.


I agree, maybe a bit biased as a web developer.

Having a PWA responsive website that enables users to download an app like experience that works on every platform would be a great solution. Especially when on average people download 0 apps a month.


Copying my response from another thread that duplicated this one!

When it comes to trading I am normally at my desk and want to have all my research together to make my investments.

An app is great for checking and monitoring but when it comes to making my trades I rarely do it on the move. That’s what my stop losses are for!


This is most voted for request with 94 votes so far :slight_smile:


I’m guessing it wouldn’t be easy to do but I do prefer a desktop solution.

I like light and fast but I need some meat with my broker. Just having something for transactions and tracking isn’t that special for me.