MEGATHREAD: Freetrade iPad app

It would be nice if Freetrade developed a better iPad app that made better use of the screen display size.


I’d love one because you could see so much info at once. Doubt it’s high in the to-do list though

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Would love an iPad app. I thought I saw it on the roadmap but can’t find it anymore. Not sure whether I misread or if it was removed from the roadmap.

It hasn’t been on the roadmap yet :slight_smile:


Something something 20 characters


I feel like that policy should go down to 5 or at most 10 :speak_no_evil:


Just giving this one a bump, would love to ultimately have a desktop version but I believe this would be a nice middle step without a huge amount of work.

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what if freetrade became the 21st century bloomberg terminal without the $20k+ a year fee

cc @Viktor


Yes, please optimise the app for tablets/iPads.


An iPad app would be great! +1


Would be super handy

100% agree.

I almost always use my iPad in landscape, so trying to use the freetrade app on it is inconvenient to say the least (unless apple decides we can use iPhone apps in landscape on the iPad sometime soon!). But even then, a dedicated app would be really popular am sure

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Any news on an iPad app in the works? Surely this would be a simpler task with both devices based on iOS compared to a more intricate app for Mac?

Any updates would be greatly appreciated on development for use on both iPad and Mac :slight_smile:


This would be a great addition for 2022… especially as it frees up my phone to do additional research on.


2022? No reason it shouldn’t be available now given how quickly other apps are able to implement such features.

I meant 2021… slip of the ol’ tongue.

But totally agree it makes Freetrade look pretty amateur when I have to use the upscaled phone version on my iPad.

Agree, I use FT on my iPad a lot, its about time we had a native app.

But for perspective, look at the likes of Instagram. They’re not interested in developing a native iPad app — a global platform with more than 850 million users.

The iPad often gets neglected based on typical marketing metrics because ‘more people use their phones’, therefor ‘it’s not worth our time’. What they’re ignoring is the negative impact a bad user experience can have on a user, therefor damaging their brand reputation.

Here’s hoping we’ll have one soon, along with widgets! :clap:t2:


Don’t get me started on Instagram and their lack of tablet version / URL linkage :sweat_smile: … in their defence the demographics are different and they have a web version readily available.

As FT doesn’t rely on advertisers and are more dependant on their users for financing, you would hope tablet UX is well up on the to-do list.

iPad app actually makes a lot of sense for Freetrade in the long run if they look to integrate mode data and news into the app. The larger interface is frankly suited to this type of app (investing) and the iPad app would pretty much immediately open up OSX/Mac to Freetrade as well without the need for a web interface


I’m not really adding much to the thread but I’ve just ordered my first iPad (air 2020), so I’d very much be interested in enhanced Freetrade / iPad experience :crossed_fingers:

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