Newbee query: Searching for Features: 2) Data export

I just have opened an account, got money in by direct debit ,though it has taken a day to showup
I am unable to find a button to buy any share

I am fairly conversant with online apps and trading and find this basic problem intruiging

ANything I am missing or just startup trouble?

Might be a silly question, but have you tried scrolling down a bit? on my phone the buy button is below the graph and doesn’t show if I don’t scroll down

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I just did stumble on it
before i read yr message and do feel silly…Never thought that I would be so tricked
I tried swiping left and right but not down…
Not sure if the app is built for ipads
Maybe something for the software guys to sort in an update for it to fit your screen

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I thought there had been improvements to the ipad app?

Although there have been some other issues:

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This a normal android phone screen fitting issue
As a newbie i spent 15 minutes trying to look for the Buy/Sell buttons :rofl:

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Just a day old with Freetrade and missing these features
I like to keep a excel copy of all the transacactions & holdings till date on my pc
1)Sorting holdings alphabetically (at present it is based on what was bought last)
2)Trade details export to CSV
3)Holding value report export (pdf/ CSV)
4)Regular reports: Do we get regular reports by email .Can you have a setting on the frequency : daily weekly monthly etc
Looks like this a Co-op development moment for the Interface software :joy:

Unfortunately, development of a transaction CSV report has been halted as they focus resources on EU expansion. You can make an ad-hoc request to support for this but it comes in a terrible format. This feature is one of the most requested and I hope we can see some progress soon.

The only report we currently get is one showing your Holdings at the end of each month. You can find this is the Activity tab in the app.

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