Small bug

Hey friends

I wanted to open this thread to capture a bug (I believe) that I’ve experienced consistently in the app lately: Whenever I buy a stock in the ISA, afterwards it is not seen in the app, i.e the portfolio page does not update. I have to restart the phone and then all is well. Could we have a look in to that please?

And having said that, IMO i think one of the most important features I’d personally like to see is a WEBPAGE. Please let’s do this. I would feel much more secure if I had 2 options on accessing my portfolio. Plus, having a website also removes the big risk of relying exclusively on your phone ( single device). Thanks!

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Anybody sharing my opinion about having a website?!

It has been requested before so vote here.

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Over 300 votes and counting :wink:

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Thanks guys I will vote, need to get better on finding existing threads!! Happy new year all


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