FreeTrade down?

Can’t access my portfolio, anyone else have the same issue?


I can’t get the app to work either

Same here!

Same here iPhone not loading the app

If it’s not fixed by tomorrow.



Looks like a technical issue. I’m absolutely sure all of our money is safe so not worried about that. Moreover, I’m sure Freetrade are aware and trying to resolve the problem as quick as possible


Good thing the market is closed

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Similar issue when I access my Freetrade portfolio via browser.

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Probably should have checked here before clearing app cache, restarting phone and u installing.

Mind you, it made me log in to the website version for the first time, and realise you can’t actually buy or sell from there either which seems utterly pointless (yes I’m aware market is closed) . And while I’m on one, how long until the employer contribution feature to my Sipp is available that I and dozens of others have requested and was told it was a planned feature 2 and a bit years ago?


The markets closed just now so that’s why you can’t buy anything

Awful isn’t it, the SIPP contributions

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Happy egg day

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Did you bother to read what I wrote? Buying and selling via the website isn’t available as a feature. Login and you see

Buy or Sell

Please use the Freetrade app while we work on enabling investing here.

I had another app go down at the same time, apparently due to a Firebase outage. FT was on the Google ecosystem as well last I heard, maybe it’s related? Firebase Status Dashboard

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They see me trolling they hating…

I was just joking man keep your shares on :)))))))

Looks like an update to the graphs interface that’s causing an infinite loop, should be an easy fix

Hi all,

Thanks @jstar88 for sharing the tweet and @fryry for sharing the likely source. I can confirm that this Firebase outage is the culprit in this case. Luckily this impacted us basically from US market close onwards for a couple of hours.

If you’re app still isn’t working this morning, you should force close the app (no need to uninstall and reinstall) and then it should be resolved.

Apologies for this. We’re picking it up with Firebase to understand what went wrong on there end. However, as we’ve seen with GCP and other cloud providers, these things do crop up every so often. Your money is always safe though and we’re all watching carefully for these events so that we can get the app back up and running as quickly as possible.



It was resolved very quickly and there was even updates out of hours.

Good service, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


:pray: thanks Bob!