Response to my in app messages from customer services

Dear Freetrade,

What’s the best way to report an issue on my account? I’ve left a couple of messages via the in app feature but as yet to hear from anyone. This has happened twice now?

I’m hoping I can get a response on here but would also like like the issue fixed. I’m not sure if its specific to my account or whether others have been impacted but I’m not seeing an accurate reflection of my portfolio breakdown plus the portfolio performance is still dated 14 Dec 2020.



Not sure what the issues you have are but just FYI on this one, this is the date it is referencing from.

E.g if you select one month (the default) then it’s showing your the % performance since the 14th December


As for their slow response, they seem to have been struggling to catch up since the break over Christmas (and probably dealing with the influx of users). Not an excuse as it should be better, but that seems the be the issue they’ve been having this January


That make sense thank you and yes it changes when I select 1 week or max.

The other issue I mentioned hasn’t been resolved…the one where the portfolio breakdown pie chart is showing 100% cash (this wasn’t the case before) which is incorrect as I’m not holding any cash.


Also the shares I hold are still showing Friday’s price which is disconcerting- should I uninstall and reinstall the app? Has anyone else experienced any of these issues? I’m new to Freetrade (2 months on the platform) so not sure if this is normal.

Are they American holdings? The US markets were closed today, so the price wouldn’t update.


Yes they are and yes that would make sense! Thanks for that.

You are welcome!

Basically if you’ve got any issues, just pop by here first and you’ll probably get a very swift explanation :rofl:

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And save Freetrade hiring 10 customer services posts :clap::clap::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Yes but I would still like someone from CS to respond as my portfolio breakdown pie chart data is incorrect but no one has bothered to read my in app messages- it’s been 5 days- it irks me everytime I see it. Has anyone else had this problem?

What exactly is wrong on the pie chart? Is it something that we could try and explain for you?

Hi @Shaheeda,

So sorry that we’ve not been able to come back to your query yet. We’re working through extremely high volumes of queries at the moment so is taking longer than our usual speedy response timeframe.

Your device may be retaining old data and not accepting new information from our systems as intended.

Could you please try long-press on the Freetrade icon, go to App Info > Storage & cache > then click on both Clear Storage and Clear Cache? These steps may vary depending on the device but should do the trick.

If it doesn’t, could you pop us a quick email via so we can check this out for you with our Technical Operations team?

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Hey Rob,

Your colleague James has messaged via the app and I’ve sent him further details. I have also tried your suggestion below but it hasn’t fixed the issue.

Many thanks,


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Have you deleted the app and re installed?