Freetrade app crashing on startup after latest update for IOS 12

Is anyone else having this problem, and can Freetrade please respond to this? It’s a pretty worrying feeling not being able to access your money. It isn’t working for at least 4 people I know who have the same set up…

Hi Charlie,

I’ve just raised this with our team to see if there’s a known issue. Will get back to you ASAP. Rest assured your money is safe and secure. We’ll get this resolved.


Hi Alex, ok thank you, There is clearly some kind of issues with people using IOS 12 since the previous update. Really need to get this sorted ASAP as I need to withdraw some money. If I upgrade to plus or standard will have a better line of communication with you guys? Because this whole incident has been nerve-wracking.

Hello. I alerted support to this issue yesterday. Have today had a reply back to run through some basic diagnostics (clear cache etc) but it’s none of that…latest update has caused this.

This exact issue happened a few months ago and last time took over a week to fix iirc. Luckily I have another device with a up to date ios but I still use a iOS 12 as my daily driver (iphone6) so this is annoying.


Is there an eta for a fix?

Hi everyone

If you’ve been impacted by this issue, please update to the latest version of the app (version 3.9.52) – it appears we had an issue with 3.9.51 specifically that caused the app to crash for some users.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I noticed that I had this problem but when I closed memory hungry applications, including my browser which waaaay too many tabs open and architecture software with lots of layers, it resolved the issue. Maybe this is helpful @Freetrade_Team ?

Anyone else getting this? Unable to click on the £ sign to say how much I want to invest. Have £100 to invest but cannot buy anything. Android.

@acamp @Freetrade_Team

Just happened to me as i wanted to put a trade through, luckily i had my tablet to hand so could do it that way. Not cool

I’m having the same issue, also on android

Looking into this now. Will let you know.


There was an issue that our engineers have now resolved. If you can exit the app and reload it should now be fixed.

Thank you for quickly solving this @acamp and team.

Running iOS 12.5.7 on iphone 6 and last two versions of Freetrade app 3.9.65 & 66 don’t work, won’t open. Should have been fixed in 3.9.66
No access to account for 2 weeks !

Still not fixed after 3.9.66 Update! Shabby testing… again! No access, perhaps no direct debit?

Hi, I’m really sorry for the issue you’ve experienced – you shouldn’t have to put up with losing access to your account for so long, or indeed at all.

We’ve now identified the cause and have a fix going out in the next app release (version 3.9.68) which should hopefully land by tomorrow.

I’ve put some more details about this in a post in another thread. In summary, although it’s getting harder for us to thoroughly test each release on iOS 12, we’re looking at making some improvements to our automated tests that should catch these kind of issues before we release each update. Where possible, we strongly recommend our customers update to the latest iOS version for the best app experience.

Thanks for your patience while we addressed this issue :pray:

V 3.9.68 has fixed the problem.